Apex Performance are now supplying and installing a fantastic smart alarm that gaurentee's you to know if someone is attempting to steal your tools from you van!

There a few options to the system you can have one 360 motion sensor in the rear of you van ( this detect movement and activate the alarm instantly) 
or you can have one in the cab and one in the rear. 
We also can install door lock guard sensors that when the door is opened it will set off the alarm also.

So what happens wen the alarm is activates?
Well if the motion sensor or guard sensor detects motion or a door opened when armed, the hardwired module will sound the 130db siren and within 8 seconds the module will ring up to 3 telephone numbers programmed to tell you that the alarm is going off and you will also receive a text message.

360 degree van alarm system

how many 360 sensors
Door gaurd sensor