About Us

Here at APEX Performance we specialise in ECU reprogramming and diagnostics ensuring our customers receive the most out of their vehicles for there specific needs.

We pride our selves in our customer service from first contact with our customers to the after care we provide ensuring all our work is to the highest quality possible and that all our customer leave having all there questions answered and a product they love.

On 99% of stock vehicle models it is possible for us to make great power gains by reprogramming the parameters of the engine control unit, all our software is developed in house and is designed to get the best possible results without loosing the realibilty of your car.

Our software packages also give great economy gains saving our customers anywhere between 5% and 25% depending on the package you opt for.

We can also create packages for any car to support stage 2, 3 + this includes supplying and fitting all hardware modifications, data logging the cars on the new modifications and calibrating a linear software to run the best power out of your new setups.

We have years of experience and knowledge between our team on a wide range of cars and vans, our technicians are all  IMI Certified and are available to talk too and discuss your personal requirements for you vehicle. 

So what's so great about remapping?

Well everything. It makes your vehicle more powerful making for safer overtaking, gives greater performance meaning a better driving car, and all of this with greater economy if driving normally.

I Like the sound of this, what different type of maps do you do?

Generally we do three base types of remaps. There's Eco, 50/50 and out right performance. From left to right there's a decrease in economy but with the added benefit of more power.

Some seriously detuned variations of certain models can see gains of upto 80%. And all of this from a stage 1 tune meaning no engine modifications at all.

Is it bad for my engine?

The simple answer is no. All of our files are developed in house and tested on a dyno machine meaning that the file has been checked vigorously to ensure your vehicle isn't over stressed. Aslong as you keep your vehicle well maintained you can have many happy years of fun and service from a remapped vehicle as I have with my last 4 cars.

What will I notice most?

Firstly you'll notice the improved throttle response which generally we improve by 10%, the second thing will be the way it pins you back in the seat. Especially on the modern turbo diesel. The car will pull harder and higher up the rev range and after all this fun your having if you get it onto a motorway and have a steady drive to work you'll see more miles between filling up also. Win win!

What exactly do you do when you remap?

We would start by doing a full diagnostic health check on your vehicle. If this came back with a clean bill of health we would get one of our genuine software tools and read your ECU data. This data is i then loaded into Winols were the relevant changes are made to the maps inside and safely write it back onto your vehicles ECU. After this we then go out for a test drive and make sure your completely happy with the results. 

How long does it take?

From us arriving at your house to us leaving you with a big grin on your face around 1.5 to 2hrs.

Why would I choose you guys over my mate Dave who can do it for £100 quid down the road?

Chances are your mate Dave is using cheap Chinese clone tools. Aswell as not being endorsed by the manufacturer they can also damage your ECU, potentially leaving you with a big bill, because Dave will have no back up from Ebay where he bought his clone tool from in the first place. On top of this if he can't afford proper tools I doubt he will using dealer level diagnostic tools which we do. On every single car we remap, and for free!

We are also fully IMI accredited meaning we have done training to know exactly what to do with your pride and joy.

What warranty to you offer?

We offer a lifetime software warranty which covers you for as long as you own the vehicle. This covers our software under the exceptional circumstances that it might become corrupted or be erased by a dealer service update. Another added bonus that this is completely free and wont be rechargeable.

On top of this we also offer a 12 month parts warranty on any vehicle under 90,000 miles. (please enquire for a quote for your particular vehicle)